Yes! I want to support farmers and ranchers
who are good stewards of the land and animals.

Rural Development and Outreach

With your generous support, we will continue our work to form a system of state agriculture councils, consisting of dedicated farmers who believe in compassionate, responsible farming. Council members will work with The Humane Society of the United States as we assist traditional family farmers who want to make the switch to more humane practices.

By highlighting farms that exemplify the best practices, and helping connect these farms to the market, the councils will promote policies that foster better animal welfare and environmental stewardship. Working hand in hand with agriculture communities is an integral part of building a more humane economy—but we can’t do this work without your help.

Please use the secure form below to make a one-time donation to our Rural Development and Outreach program and we’ll send you updates and action alerts so you can take quick, simple actions for animals each week.